Instrument: unusual 13-key, b-foot design. Blackwood with German? Silver keys.

Maker: Zalud


Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Notes: This is probably the most unusual flute in my collection. Although it probably dates from 1900, or even later, it has enharmonic choices for A#/Bb and G#/Ab. It has a special mechanism for the raised “Tulou F#” and the pitch is very high - much higher than Tulou would ever have made it. The 5 ring keys are also very unusual. For what seems like it must be an experimental flute the workmanship on this flute is excellent. Some of the springs are VERY stiff but the flute is in virtually perfect condition. It does have a crutch mount (I don’t have the crutch) and I imagine it might be easier to deal with some of the difficult keys if a crutch is used in playing.


A surprisingly simple design for the foot


Bb and A# holes - for the (higher) Bb both holes open and for the (lower) A# only the first hole opens

Bb/A# holes


G#/Ab holes

R1 key cluster (4 keys)


Short F roller - linked to the very high F# hole

note the different holes for G#/Ab


key cluster for L4 (5 keys)

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