Rudall & Rose 7-key

Instrument: 7-key Flute in C, cocus wood with Silver rings and keys with tuning slide, (Clementi foot) #1038

Maker: Rudall & Rose, No 15 Plazza, Covent Garden, London 1038 c.1830

Pitch: A=432-442

SL: 590mm

Notes: missing B-flat key (mount with pin in good condition), foot by Clementi. It appears to have a replaced socket on the foot - missing two of the small silver rings - this is. very fine playing flute. Excellent tuning including the low register.

Restorer: Kelly Nivison, Aaron Olwell (made the Bb key and end ring - not in these photos)

Demonstration recording: starting at 20:30

R&RDSC 8891
R&RDSC 8893 copy
R&RDSC 8894
R&RDSC 8895
R&RDSC 8897
R&RDSC 8898

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