Godfroy, Claire, 6-key III

Instrument: mid-century 6-key, ebony/grenadilla, silver keys and rings.

Maker: Claire Godfroy, Anié, Paris - Patented

Pitch: 440 slightly pulled out

Sounding Length: 53cm

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: Jon Cornia

Notes: This is a mid-century Godfroy flute which is interesting to compare to my earlier examples. Note the much thiner keywork, slightly larger embouchure. This flute is also slightly shorter than the A=435 models. It is missing the touch of the long F lever. Repaired crack in head. The stamps on the head is worn and barely visible. This flute plays quite well with a big sound.

Demonstration recordings:

DSC 86761 late Godfroy
DSC 86772 late Godfroy
DSC 86780 late Godfroy
DSC 86793 late Godfroy
DSC 86804 late Godfroy
Godfroy III restored 1.jpg
Godfroy III restored 2.jpg
Godfroy III restored 3.jpg

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