à Paris 4-key

Instrument:4-key lignum vita? wood with silver keys and ivory rings. 

Maker: unsigned except for (à Paris)

Pitch: A=425-438 

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: not yet restored but in fine playing condition

Notes: Quite good condition, no cracks or visible repairs. Very resonant, strong, clear, sound. This is really an outstanding flute. Big sound which is quite open and rich. Might be cocus wood but I think it is something more special. Extremely tight grain, could be Lignum Vita. Silver Hallmarks are the butterfly (1819-1838, Northern France) and the makers mark of Cuvillier ?, Bureau de Saint-Omer. This is a rare mark.

Demonstration recordingshttps://soundcloud.com/mloberlin/a-paris-4-key-lfute-c-1825-30

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